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This is the latest clips and also updates we got from viewers out there during our stream/Podcast:

Hello we are the group 3 and we do streaming products about Video Games. Our Intro will consist of us introducing ourselves.Afterward, we will talk about our recent experiences playing games. And we can or may say our opinions about one's experience. Our main topic of the stream will be the weekly clips of our viewers' gameplay as well as analyzing it. We will also be discussing the Game Awards for the Game of the year in some of the categories. We may also review games to help some people decide if the game is worth playing. We can also talk about the upcoming games or trailers for the year.
-In conclusion we are just gonna discuss games as well as interact with our viewers. We can stream for about 30 mins on average.

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This are the games we will cover:

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First Person Shooter Games
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Console Games
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Educational Games

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